Your business deserves a Communicative machine such as Home SeTv®.
Just like the big multinationals, you can involve all your collaborators in an effective and immersive modality. In the same way you will give your sales and your marketing department  an extraordinary technology to contact both old and newcustomers #comeprimamegliodiprima


Stream your Job!
Make your work streaming. you can multiply your contacts by reaching numbers otherwise unreacheable with traditional systems, without losing effectiveness and emotional involvement! In this way you will reserve the in person meetings for the situations that really require it like a good lunch or a nice dinner.


Home SeTv® can help you increase contacts and turnover.
All the emotionality of business relationships is enhanced by the instrument that also lends itself for occasions where space must be given to numbers and rationality!


If you have been very good at multiplying your business in recent months thanks also to the support of remote communication platforms, Home SeTv® can offer you a leap in image and effectiveness. To keep the trend positive and even increase it.


Home SeTv® as a vaccine for the world of business: for human resources, for marketing, for customer service and for Commercial network. In addition to personal amenities for more important  co-workers. Maintain contact everywhere with the maximum of effectiveness.


Meet your students in a totally immersive environment to present your lessons with a great added value of multimedia performances. always at center stage, you will continue to bethe irreplaceable point of reference in the training path of your audience.


Telemedicine is making giant steps but it is important that together with the new remote diagnostic technologies, you always preserve the doctor-patient relationship based on maximum sharing.


Follow the customer not only in extraordinary events such as the launch of a campaign or the organization of a convention, but also day by day, in the little big things of every day life like a presentation, an important meeting, or a training session.
Home SeTv® is a machine that is fueled with quality content and the agencies can address this new challenge.

We are all eager to return to a “normal” social life, but what we are learning today will be

Tomorrow’s precious teaching and our new habits will be placed side by side with our old ones, improving their skills and results.

They are going to be a very strong “boost” for the recovery!