Green Monster

590,00 including VAT


Basic desktop set with a screen to be hanged behind the user. The screen has a beautiful texture and can be customized.

1 x Green Screen Monster 180x150 cm
1 x Magic Lift
1 x Steel stick 180 cm
1 x Hanging rope set with adhesive hooks
4 x Magnets
4 x StarLight 100 cm + 4 wooden bases
1 x Power supply KIT with cables


A stand for your laptop
that offers the right position
and therefore a correct shot
both when you sit at yours desk
and when you choose to intervene
in your standing videoconferencing.
A few clicks and you’re on the air!


Aluminum bars and LED light designed and built in Italy (Made in Italy) Perfectly calibrated for flawless video rendering. Without Need of adjustments.
An exclusive Home SeTv® product. Patent pending.