During your videoconferences you can project multimedia contents and get, THANKS TO THE SYSTEM OF CHROMA-KEY, an engaging and completely immersive environment.

MINDSETV is a kit of still or moving images, useful for strengthening, fortifying and strengthening your remote communication: slides or videos to support your business or simply words, images and colors to spread your own thought, your value, your state of mind.
Your professional and personal identity is an open window to make your world known.


Home SeTv is your imaginary shell,
your small or large, working universe
to be set up where and when you need it
and that is molded just for you by you!


Protected in your privacy but ready, if you wish, to show the world your truest soul.

Wherever you are, you can always present yourself at your best and thanks to your personalized MindSETVs and the perfect balance of lights and framing, your conversations will offer a small window on your soul: words, images and colors, which tell a small part how you are!
A long-distance meeting can still be exciting as well as totally immersive thanks to the strength of the background that you will choose.

Buy one of our HOME SETV®kit
and you will immediately receive your MINDSETV kit for free!

Pass on your uniqueness!