What is Home SeTv®?
HomeSeTv® is a miniaturized television set, simple and quick to connect and use at home or in your office to optimize video conferences.
How does it work?
You can activate it in a few minutes, thanks to the pop-up elements that do not require to be assembled.
Just plug in your computer, log into your videoconferencing platform, plug in the lights and the set is ready!
How do I activate the screen “Green Monster”?
To enrich your video conference with content, with slides or videos and thus obtain an engaging and immersive environment, you must verify that your platform has the Chroma Key option (replacing the green background with video and graphic content). If your platform does not include the “green screen” option, don’t worry, you just need to download a special app (you will find the list under the Videoconferencing platforms section). At this point you can upload your materials such as slides or videos and start your broadcast in total autonomy, just like in a real TV set.
Who is responsible for the direction and the frames?
Everything is done in complete autonomy! Both on the Green Monster screen and on the Magic Carpet, you will have a very simple grid to always have an understanding of where to position yourself and where to place your content. You are your own director, and you can change camera by simply changing your position.
Do I need any expertise or experience?
No, this set was created to give a television image to inexperienced professionals and entrepreneurs. Anyone can activate the set on their own, in any place as long as there is an Internet connection.
Who can I contact if I have doubts or questions?
We are always available; all you have to do is send an email at our e-mail address info@homesetv.com and our technical office will get back to you right away!
What is the waiting time for deliveries?
The delivery time takes about 7 days. We will send you a link thanks to which you will be able to keep track of your order.
How much space do the sets take?
The sets occupy a variable space according to the model: from the model that does not require a dedicated space, up to the model that occupies a maximum area of about 5.5 square meters.
Are the sets easy to close and reopen if you do not have space to leave it assembled?
Absolutely yes! All models are pop-up and easy to set up and close quickly. The DAD model does not require to be disassembled since they do not occupy a dedicated space.
What is the advantage of home setv over competition and / or individual products purchasable on amazon?
Home SeTv® is a perfectly integrated system made up of quality elements, made in Italy, designed to be ready for use without complicated adjustments. All this to enhance the quality of your video conferences. Furthermore, with the patented system you can enrich your meetings with multimedia contents and thanks to the perfectly calibrated lights, with high operating tolerance, you are always on air in the right frame. Furthermore, the grids that you find on the Green Monster Screen and on the Magic Carpet help you to always remember where to place your figure or your elements within the set.
What are the main platforms I can use with the system? HomeSeTv®?

Please refer to our section dedicated to platforms.

If my platform does not provide the chroma key option, which app can I connect?
Please refer to our section dedicated to platforms.